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  • 150.00 


    Elegant! Impressive! Luxurious!

    Our Endless™ Classic Roses are the perfect choice for every occasion and suitable to decorate all places including an office desk to a table!

    Elegant and very luxuriously boxed, this is a perfect choice to express yourself in an “elegant way”.

    Lasting for 5 years.

    Luxuriously boxed and always accompanied by AMMA™ ROSES Guarantee!

  • 100.00 

    A real TREASURE is hidden in this box!

    A luxurious composition with 1 impressive rose that seduces with its color and enchants with its aroma from the authentic AMMA ROSES that will be kept unchanged for up to 5 years in a very luxurious handmade branded box!

    Comes with the AMMA Guarantee to certify its unique features.