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Information relating to the processing of personal data of users regarding the “COOKIES” policy according to Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”)

Data Controller

AMMA FLOWERS LTD with registered office at Kennedy 67, ATHIENITIS KENNEDY PARK, 3rd floor, 1076 Nicosia, Cyprus (“Company”),

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A “cookie” is a file containing a code identifier (a series of letters and numbers) sent by a web server to an Internet browser (e.g. google chrome, safari etc.) and is stored by the latter.

The identifier is then sent back to the web server every time the browser requests a page from the web server.

Cookies may be either “permanent” or ” periodic”.

The “permanent” cookie is stored by the internet browser and will remain until its specified expiration date, unless it is deleted by the user before the expiration date.

The “periodic” cookie expires at the end of the user’s session when the web browser is no longer used.

Cookies may be installed from the site you visit (first party cookies) or from another site (third-party cookies).


  1. Technical cookies
  2. Periodic/Navigation:

The use of “periodic” cookies (not permanently stored on the user’s computer and disappearing when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of the data that specifies the session (consisting of random numbers created by the server) and required for secure and efficient exploration of the site and its applications.

With “periodic” operating cookies used on our site the use of other techniques that could potentially endanger the privacy of the user while browsing is not required and they do not allow the acquisition of personal data that could identify the user.

Periodic cookies do not require your consent.

  1. Permanent cookies:

Cookies remain on the navigation device even after the user has left the site until they have been canceled by the user or until they expire.

Our site creates this type of cookies and stores them on the device in such a way that they are read when the user visits the site again.

In this way, user preferences (e.g. wish list, basket) can be found when the user visits the site again.

Permanent cookies do not require your consent.

  1. Cookie Analytics: they are cookies installed to collect aggregate information, mainly statistics (time spent on a web site, number of visitors).
  2. First Party Cookies:

It is similar on a technical basis to cookies installed directly on the site you are visiting to improve its use.

Your consent is not required.

  1. Third Party Cookies:

They are cookies created and installed by third parties to analyze the user browsing experience and to generate statistics about visits or to improve the content provided, present similar products, and sometimes place targeted advertising on the web pages.

The system used is Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”).

Google Analytics (like other systems) uses “cookies” to allow an analysis of how users use the site.

The information generated by these cookies about how the user uses the site (including the IP address) is transmitted and deposited on the Google server in the United States of America.

Google uses this information to identify and analyze the use of the site, complete reports about the site’s activities and provide other services related to the use of the Internet.

Google may also transfer this information to third parties when required by law or when such third parties process the above information on behalf of Google.

Google will not associate the user’s IP address with other data.

The user may refuse the use of cookies by choosing the appropriate setting in the browser, but this may prevent access to all of the features of the site.

Once the IP address is visible, using these cookies requires your consent.

By clicking on the “Continue” button on the banner or by continuing to navigate our site, the user authorizes Google to process his/her personal data for the aforementioned purposes in the above-mentioned ways.

  1. Profile Cookies:

They are cookies used to define the user’s navigation or to create profiles about their preferences, habits, choices,

These cookies can be used to transmit advertising messages according to the user’s preferences when navigating online.

  1. First Party Profile:


They are used and installed by us to collect information about the user’s habits in order to offer promotional messages related to his/her interests.

This also means that they are used to limit the number of times a user sees a particular ad: for us it means more effective communication and for the user means that s/he receives ads less technically invasive and more customized to his or her preferences.

While a user is browsing our site, promotional cookies confirm that s/he reads the advertising messages by showing him/her the promotional content they may be interested in, based on what a/he has already visited.

  1. Third-party profile:

They are used and installed by third parties to detect user navigation and create a profile of wishes, habits, user options, etc.

These cookies are managed by third party companies such as TagMan, DoubleClick, AddThis.

Our site may also display social media / widgets options, i.e. special buttons depicting social media icons (such as Facebook and Twitter).

These options allow users browsing the site to connect and interact directly with social networks in one click.

When a user uses these options/widgets, social media acquire data about the user’s visit to our site and at the same time activate his/her profile cookies.


Your consent to the use of cookies is provided in one of the following ways:

-using “Continue” to the banner containing brief information that appears when the user enters the site.

-continuing to navigate our site by going to another webpage or by selecting an item on the same website.


Most web browsers (google chrome, firefox, explorer) are initially configured to accept cookies automatically.

This means that at any time the user can configure his/her browser to accept all or only some cookies, or refuse to accept them by disabling their use of the sites.

The users can also set their browser preferences to be updated whenever a cookie is stored on their user’s device.

At the end of each browsing, the user can cancel the cookies collected from the browsing device’s hard drive.

If you wish to cancel the cookies installed in the browser cookie of the browser used, it should be noted that each browser has different procedures for managing the settings.

By selecting one of the links below, the user can get specific instructions for some of the main browsers:

Microsoft Windows Explorer:

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Apple Safari:

If the user wants to receive Google Analytics, cookies s/he can be linked to the site:

If the user wishes to know more about cookies, s/he can visit

If the user wishes to learn more about advertising and the privacy policy s/he can visit

can visit

If the user wishes to know more about the Google Analytics cookies, cookies s/he can visit

can visit

If the user wants to know more about the Criteo cookies used by our website, s/he can visit



Absolutely necessary cookies




These cookies are designed to guarantee regular site navigation and are associated with an activity strictly necessary for the operation and provision of the service. In most cases they are periodic cookies regarding operation. All cookies require consent and are therefore installed automatically after accessing the site and are not used for further purposes.



JSESSIONID, RT, VISITOR, AWSELB, rjrsession, lastRskxRun, rskxRunCookie, rCookie


Cookies’ expiration date:


RT (1 week),

VISITOR (1 day),


rjrsession (9 days),

lastRskxRun (10 years),

rskxRunCookie (10 years),

rCookie (10 years)


Detailed cookies


These are the first-party cookies used by us to collect aggregate statistics on how users use the site (number of visitors, pages they visit, duration of stay on the site, etc.). These cookies collect information collectively and anonymously. Without these cookies, it would not be possible to determine when the site was navigated and what its performance has been.



__atuvc, __atuvs, ouid, di2, vc, uvc, xtc, loc, _ga, _gid, _gat, _gat_globalTracker, NID


Cookies’ expiration date:

__atuvc (1 year),

__atvs (1 hour),

ouid (1 year),

di2, vc,

uvc (1 year),


τόπος (1 year),

_ga (2 years),


_gat (1 day),


NID (6 months)

Technical Navigation and Functionality Cookies


The site uses first-party, session and permanent cookies to safely and effectively navigate and exploit the site, as well as to improve available services and navigation experience. These are cookies that allow, for example, recognition of the language and country chosen by users who visit the site. These cookies, by recognizing you when accessing the Site, prevent you from entering your data at any time. For example, if you have selected and placed products in your shopping cart for purchase but did not complete the transaction, you can continue and complete the transaction at a later session.


alreadyAccessed, seenRecently, hidePrivacy Cookies’ expiration date:


seenRecently (1 hour),


Cookies for profile analysis



With these cookies it is possible to store the preferences made during every visit and thus create a profile that allows sending messages which are more in accordance with the user’s preferences and interests. For example, they allow you to quickly view the products you are looking for and offer you similar products. This site also allows the use of cookies for third-party profile analysis that allow their commercial offers to be displayed even when you visit other sites (redefinition).



IDE, __olapicU Cookies’ expiration date:
IDE (4 months),
__olapicU,,, (3 months), (1 year), (6 months),
Social Networking Cookies


We use third-party cookies that allow users to interact with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), and in particular share web content through social media.


Cookies’ expiration date: (3 months), (2 years),



Personal data processed through the installation of technical and analytical first party cookies are required to ensure proper site navigation.

We recommend agreeing to install third party cookies and detailed cookies.

Your personal data will be processed by these cookies only after you have given your explicit consent as stated above.

Recipients of Personal Data

Personal data may be processed by third parties such as control authorities and data protection bodies and, more generally, by public bodies or individuals entitled to request the data.

The data may be processed, on behalf of the Company, by third parties who have been appointed as Directors of the Company and have received appropriate instructions.

These generally fall into the following categories:

  1. Companies that offer e-mail delivery services
  2. Service companies to implement what is listed here (media, IT vendors)

Authorized Data Processing Authorities

The data may be processed by our employees responsible for the above purposes and who are expressly authorized to process them after receiving proper instructions.

Transferring Personal Data Outside the European Union

Data transfer outside the EU is not expected.

Rights of “Subject” Personal Data – Complaint to the Privacy Authority

By contacting email, anyone who so wishes may request access, cancellation, correction of inaccuracies, and modification of incomplete personal data, as well as limitation of their processing in accordance with article 18 (GDPR), or the cancellation of their processing, if there is a legitimate interest of the data subject (i.e. the natural person concerned with personal data, i.e. if such data identifies or may identifies that person).

If processing is based on consent or a contract, it is automatically activated, whereas the interested parties have the right to receive data in a structured, widely used and easily readable form from an automatic device if this is technically possible.

At any time, interested parties have the right to withdraw commercial consent and oppose data processing for marketing purposes, including the profile associated with direct marketing. If the person concerned wishes to contact us for these purposes s/he can do that only by email as mentioned above.

Interested parties have the right to complain to the Personal Data Protection Authority in the Member State where they reside or work, or in the State where the alleged violation occurred.